2016 Check Lists For E-commerce Websites

E-commerce business is getting more popular in the internet planet. Dramatic increase in the amount of internet users is the main reason behind its popularity. More people wish to buy products through online and it increases the usage of e-commerce websites among the web and it originates more e-commerce websites.

Check Lists For E-commerce Websites

You need to be more visible in search engines to get more customers. Many internet marketing tactics will help you to increase your visibility in the search engine. But before doing that you need to find and fix some issues that found commonly among all e-commerce websites in 2016 or you may head to SEO consultant Bangalore to found the issues.

Duplicate Title, Description & Content:

Duplicate content is a major thread found among all e-commerce websites. Generally e-commerce websites has more products, so most owners are not giving the unique content for all products. But the Google bots needs an unique content for each and every pages in a website.

Give an unique title and description for every products, delete or redirect all the unwanted pages in your website using 301 redirection.

Product Reviews:

Most people are having the habit of reading reviews before buying it, so allow your customer to leave the reviews about the products. This will also give an additional set of content to that page. Normally Google bots loves the pages with reviews.

You can also use those reviews to rank your pages by using the effective set of long tail keywords in it.

Loading Speed:

It has been revealed that the website’s with higher page loading speed has got more conversions than the slower ones. Users will get irritated when your site take long time to display the results and they will never come back to you. So it could be first one in your checklists.

Hope this article will give you an overall idea about e-commerce website issues that occurred oftenly. If you are new to these terms, then it is best to approach a best SEO company Bangalore for optimizing your e-commerce website.