Advantages of Rooting your Android Mobiles

Rooting, Rooting, Rooting,……Most Android mobile users scream this word when their phone gets slow or hang or outdated OS version. Is really the Android rooting could fix all these issue? The answer is a Great Yes!!! And there are many step by step Android root tutorial available on internet.

Advantages of Rooting your Android Mobiles

Android rooting is the process performed on your Android phone to speed it up and make it work with various Android applications that are not supported in your current Android OS. Apart from speed, Android Rooting has many advantages to your phone and here are they.

App, App, more App:

You can install and work with some root-only apps like Tasker, SetCPU, FolderMount and more only after rooting your mobile. Tasker works on “If this, then that” technology that enables you to automate your phones that includes turning on Wi-Fi automatically when you enter the home, turning to silent mode at night time and more.

SetCPU is to improve your phone speed by enabling you to customize the CPU settings on a rooted Android Mobile.

FolderMount app in your rooted Android phones will help you to store the apps and files on your SDcard, so there is no limit to install apps in your phones.

Additional Battery life:

With the apps like SetCPU you can underclock or slow down your CPU, when you need your phone battery to withstand for an additional hour. Installing the SetCPU is made possible only by rooting.

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More Customizing Options:

Of Course, Android OS comes with variety of customizing options in default, but rooting mobiles has some additional options that includes vibration strength customization, gesture control options and more.