Nature Oriented Places To Visit In Singapore

Singapore is the place which has many nature oriented places to visit. Before proceeding to visit them you must do one basic task that is Maxi Cab Booking. This step will make your trip a bug free one and make you comfortable with enjoying places. Let us see some of the places you must visit in Singapore.


Singapore Zoo

This is one of the biggest which spreads for 20 hectors. This zoo was opened in June 27, 1973. The visiting time is 8.30 AM to 6.00 PM. There are 2.530 animals in the zoo which undergoes 315 unique species.

Jurong Bird Park

As the name tells this park was located in the place called Jurong which is a hills area. This park was managed by wildlife reserves Singapore. The total coverage of this park is 20 hectors and there are over 5000 birds in the park.

Singapore Night Safari

This is the major tourist attraction of Singapore. The night safari is the world’s first nocturnal zoo. It covers 40 hectors of forest and has many animals and birds. The visitors timing is 7.30 PM to 12.00 AM.

River Safari

This is one of the most attractive places in Singapore. This is a river themed zoo and aquarium which has night safaris and inside the river walk and goes on. The total coverage of the park is 12 hectors.

These are the famous nature oriented places to visit in Singapore but actually these places are not only to visit. You can understand about various species of animals and their life-cycle.