Offer Your Own Hosting Company Through HostGator Reseller Plan

HostGator has a reseller plan and it got more attention in the past since many users from all over the world wants to get the advantage offered by running their own web hosting business. The plan has unlimited features and it helps people to manage unlimited number of different hosting accounts from different clients. The plan is also one of the cheapest and advantageous plans that you can find at the market.

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Features of a Reseller Plan

HostGator has top quality servers that can support the reselling plans while at the same time maintaining the best uptime with bandwidth levels to provide the best and quality support to its clients. When you join the reseller program, you will get the reseller account which is complete with the billing system with the advanced control panel so that you can manage and sell the hosting plans. The clients are given the cPanel control panels with other tools and assets. Because of the powerful servers with quality hosting system, you will be able to keep anything you want running for the clients and you will be able to make money from the plans you have.

When it comes to the HostGator reseller plan, the HostGator has different limitations that a client for the reseller plan has to put in mind. The cheapest plan offers 50 GB for a disc space and the bandwidth of 500GB. The price is also under 25 dollars every month and this means that it is really affordable. According to the type and the size of the hosting plan you want to take, you will have 4 others plans that you may use such as Diamond, Gold, Silver and Copper. Diamond is the most expensive one and it offers the bandwidth of over 1400GB and over 200GB for the Disk space.

Extra Features offered with Reseller Plan

There are many other unlimited features that you will be able to enjoy with any reseller plan you may be having. You will get access to the unlimited subdomains and domains which mean that you will be able to sell as many accounts as you wish. You will get unlimited cPanels account that you can give to the clients so that they may manage the aspects of all the hosting accounts. Apart from this, using Hostgator Discount Coupon, you can buy these hosting services at a better rate.

You may have unlimited FTP accounts with MySQL database to get an easy creation for the website. You have access to the unlimited number of the email accounts. As a user of the reseller account, you will see that there are many features that can make your clients happy. Such features include the powerful site builder software free of charge with more than 4000 websites templates to help you in designing your website. You also get a secure and free billing system that you can use in managing the reselling business. Read hostgator review before choosing the plans.