News Website Optimization Tips to Improve its Visibility

Generally news website has more recently published contents, hence it needs to be indexed fast as compared to other general website. So it is more important to focus many things while optimizing your website to make it as a lovable one by search engines. So I hope you had some idea about the theme of this article.

Let’s get ready to optimize your news website with the tips suggested by Best SEO Services in Chennai.

News Website Optimization Tips

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

You can see many websites with the enabled Accelerated Mobile Pages, but having Accelerated Mobile Pages in your news website will help to load the article content quickly by neglecting the unwanted stuffs such as fancy things and design stuffs. This happens when a user tries to access your website from his mobile phone.

To create Accelerate Mobile Pages simply install this wordpress plugin in your news website, if you are having the WordPress website. If you are not usin WordPress just approach any SEO Consultant Chennai.

.XML Sitemap:

Make sure that your news website has .XML sitemap and it helps the Google bots to index your websites easily. Here are some considerations for creating .XML sitemap for news websites.

    Your sitemap can only contains the news articles of last two days and it will remain in the News Index for 30 days.
    News sitemap is only allowed for 1000 URL’s and you need to create a new one after you reach 1000 links.
    Update your sitemap immediately once you posted a new articles, you can update your sitemap till you reach the 1000 links count.
    Update your sitemap with fresh and quality content.

Posting articles regularly will make the Google bots to visit your site often.

2016 Check Lists For E-commerce Websites

E-commerce business is getting more popular in the internet planet. Dramatic increase in the amount of internet users is the main reason behind its popularity. More people wish to buy products through online and it increases the usage of e-commerce websites among the web and it originates more e-commerce websites.

Check Lists For E-commerce Websites

You need to be more visible in search engines to get more customers. Many internet marketing tactics will help you to increase your visibility in the search engine. But before doing that you need to find and fix some issues that found commonly among all e-commerce websites in 2016 or you may head to SEO consultant Bangalore to found the issues.

Duplicate Title, Description & Content:

Duplicate content is a major thread found among all e-commerce websites. Generally e-commerce websites has more products, so most owners are not giving the unique content for all products. But the Google bots needs an unique content for each and every pages in a website.

Give an unique title and description for every products, delete or redirect all the unwanted pages in your website using 301 redirection.

Product Reviews:

Most people are having the habit of reading reviews before buying it, so allow your customer to leave the reviews about the products. This will also give an additional set of content to that page. Normally Google bots loves the pages with reviews.

You can also use those reviews to rank your pages by using the effective set of long tail keywords in it.

Loading Speed:

It has been revealed that the website’s with higher page loading speed has got more conversions than the slower ones. Users will get irritated when your site take long time to display the results and they will never come back to you. So it could be first one in your checklists.

Hope this article will give you an overall idea about e-commerce website issues that occurred oftenly. If you are new to these terms, then it is best to approach a best SEO company Bangalore for optimizing your e-commerce website.

Can YouTube likes drag traffic to your video

YouTube is one of the busiest website which deals with billions of videos per month. YouTube is most probably equal to a search engine because of the reason it has that much of searches per second. Any individual can view and upload videos on YouTube. Experts prefer to buy YouTube likes to get viral on YouTube.

Buy Cheap YouTube Likes

To make this happen, you need to know some basic tips and tricks about YouTube and YouTube users as well.

You may have experienced with minimal pop ups on different stages, requesting that you subscribe to see the video. Those pop ups are called YouTube remarks and are truly fabulous approaches to build sees. Utilizing remarks, you can make joins between various recordings and playlists, enticing your viewers to watch a greater amount of your recordings.

For utilizing remarks, you can search how to use them and you can discover numerous attempted methods for utilizing explanations.

Relatively some people know about the way that playlists on YouTube are a genuinely shocking approach to upgrade the quantity of outlooks for your video. A playlist is a rundown containing numerous recordings which are played consistently in a succession. Something worth being thankful for about playlists is that they show up l independently on being looked. So your video in a playlist has a more prominent potential for being viewed.

You can buy cheap YouTube likes from a trusted service provider to do this task in a simple way.