Bolt Cutter

A Bolt cutter is also known as bolt copper. This tool is used to cut the bolts, chains, wire mesh and padlocks. Initially, it was used to cut the bolt seals in shipping at a delivery place. Bold cutters are also used for household equipment. Tekton 3386 8 bolt cutter will be the 2017 best power tools in all country.

Bolt Cutter

There are different types of bolt cutter available in a market. Each has its own features and the types are the newer version of the older one. It also comes in different sizes for a specific purpose.

This article will guide you to buy the best bolt cutter from the market. Consider these tips when buying the tool.

Guide to buying Best Bolt Cutter:

  • If you lost the key and want to cut the bust or chain, a bolt cutter will make your work simple. In a fraction of a second, you can cut it by using the bolt cutter.
  • Purchase the bolt cutter which has the frequent use for you and don’t have as of now. These tools come in different models with cutting blades.
  • If you are a temporary user of this tool and it is not bad to have a couple of tools as your own. The below listed are the different types of a bolt cutter.

Clipper Cuts: This tool is used to cut the material on the level surface and the flush of a blade is against one face.

Angle Cuts: This cutter used to make exact cutting and simple entry in each angle to avoid difficulties.

Center-Cuts: The blade on the cutter has separation from each other and used for clean cutting.

Shear-Cuts: In this cutter, the blades are arranged like scissors. It is used to cut the lighter material and well good in a snappy cut. It does not have the tendency of angle and center cutters.

When purchasing a bolt cutter also try to buy the components of all those tools.


The cutting blades are available for all bolt cutters such as center cut, angle cut, clipper cut and shear cut. The bolt cutters are not accessible in 14, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 and 42 inches long. The length of the tool is measured from tip jaw to handle end.


If you need to cut the thick wire, latch or chain and then the right option is to use bolt cutter. It is not a primary toolbox for home use.

I hope, here you can get the 2017 best bolt cutter reviews to buy the best one from a market.